How To Make Use Of Garden Tower

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Garden Tower

Tower garden makes use of aeroponic growing system where multiple vegetables and herbs can be grown all at once. Compost Bin HQ is a trusted site for reviews on garden tower, and it explains in detail about the pros and cons of using it. In many modern restaurants having garden, tower has become a trend where there is less space for gardening as stated by

If you have previous experience in having a worm pit then you would have seen small plants growing up in the pit from the kitchen scrap. They can’t continue to grow as they had to depend only on the worms for food.

When plants grow naturally, they consume the worm castings which are available on the top of the soil, and they will also be available from under the ground. Few plants grow roots deeper to fetch water, and they may reach the worm castings in the deep burrows made by night crawling animals.

Though many people see the garden tower in home improvement shops and ads, they remain a bit hesitant since they have doubt whether they would work or not. When you want to make use of garden tower, you should first fill the tower garden with the right medium for growth and then add worm castings if it’s accessible. You can sow the seed first, or you can add the dirt by transplanting row by row.

The next step is to add the worms in the innermost tube and then add kitchen waste. The tube will have a hole underneath and on top of the tube so the worms can come out of the tubes easily into the soil. There is also a hole at the bottom most system to collect the water that has been drained from the solids and carried away few of the minerals.